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I hate my weaknesses, they made me who I am
It makes no difference, I'm insignificant!



Our Sweet Baby


.MCR Albums + Color Palette Track Listings. 



.joyriding [3/?]




"You should never get to a place where you’re spent. There was gas in the MCR tank. I’m just not sure I wanted to end up where the gas was gonna take us. We could have kept going, but we might not have ended up where anybody wanted us to be, or where we wanted to be as human beings." - Gerard Way…




Trillion yesterday at Disneyland’s 59th birthday celebration! 

I’m sorry, I really am, but I have a story to tell about the owners of this dog. I apologize now for offending you, but I saw this happen yesterday, in this same spot, about 3:45. I do apologize if the dog I saw was a different dog, but it was yesterday, in this spot, with purple boots on and the same Pluto ears. So I’m making the safe assumption it was the same dog.

A girl my age, about 20, saw this dog, and we were both looking at her because she’s adorable, don’t you agree?? So the girl says “Ohmygosh this dog is so cute” and takes out her phone (or camera) to take a picture, but the two owners step in front of the dog and, in the rudest manner, say “Hey, no! Don’t take a picture of our dog. That’s weird.” And as they turned away, covering the dog, the one owner said “That’s like taking a picture of someone’s child, jeeze.” And the girl walked away without her picture, feeling really offended. 

Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t want people taking pictures of your dog, that’s your business, but I’ve rarely seen someone be so rude towards another guest, and I work with thousands of guests a day. 

I was extremely disappointed with the owners, in what could have been an extremely harmless and magical moment that you ruined. 

So I have a question…did you know that when disabled visitors come to Disneyland they don’t go there for the enjoyment of others who want to stare at them and take pictures? It is not up to a visitor and their SD to make Disneyland magical for them..that’s your job as far as I can tell. I am a nurse who takes care of medically fragile children. If i accompany my client to Disneyland with their family do I have to let some strangers take pics of their ventilator because they think its neat so as not to appear rude to the cast members and their other guests?








Frank Iero in his amazing dragon onesie!" - @shitdeweessays.
They’re on set to shoot a music video for “37” off Reggie and The Full Effect’s newest album “No Country for Old Musicians”.


it’s my absolute favorite my chem song